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Lars Hille
Lars Hille (11 Monaten)

Nett & Sch…. zu gleich in einem gesprochen Satz! Starke Leistung. Wir wollten für unser Haus eine komplett Deko bei Maisons du Monde kaufen. Bei der Hitze draußen organisierten wir uns noch eine Kugel Eis im Becher und betraten den Laden.( #sehrdreist ) Die Waren-verräumende-Dame begrüßte uns selbstverständlich nicht. Aber teilte uns mit,dass wir uns doch hier sehr gerne hinsetzen dürfen- Wir dachten erst:“wie nett von ihr und verneinten dies“.Sie meinte daraufhin: Na dann können Sie dies ja gerne draußen weiter Essen. Danke für nichts. Ich muss dazu anmerken,dass wir keine kleinen Eis zerfressenden Kinder mit Schokoschnuten waren,welche an den Kissen Ihren Mund abwischen und ein „Eis verboten Schild“ nicht ersichtlich war. Tja man sollte eben nicht zu schnell urteilen. Tausende Euro dort ausgeben werden wir definitiv nicht mehr.

C F (1 Vor einem Jahr)

Das Geschäft an sich ist toll, ich finde meistens etwas. Jedoch habe ich jetzt online ein Schlafsofa bestellt und wegen Nichtgefallen eine Retoure beantragt. Ich warte mittlerweile seit 2 Monaten darauf das Dieses abgeholt wird. Beim Kundenservice wird man mehrmals vertröstet aber passieren tut nichts. Mein Fazit lieber im Laden kaufen aber nie wieder bestellen!

Cornelia Rademann
Cornelia Rademann (1 Vor einem Jahr)

Sehr schlechter Kundenservice. Habe mir ein großes Bild für 80 Euro ausgesucht, wollte es bezahlen und an der Kasse stehen lassen damit ich es in 2 Stunden abholen kann, weil es draußen stark regnete. Das war nicht möglich. Die Kassiererin:wenn das jeder machen würde!!!Da habe ich also das Bild nicht gekauft und der Verkäuferin war das total egal. Da kann man nur mit dem Kopf schütteln. Den Laden betrete ich nicht wieder

Enrico Wisotzki
Enrico Wisotzki (1 Vor einem Jahr)

Geschenkgutschein in Höhe von 20€ abgelaufen und nicht mehr einlösbar. Das Kulanzangebot war, dass ich mich an den Kundenservice wenden soll. Wir waren viel und oft dort, aber mit dieser Vorgehensweise bin ich nicht einverstanden .Wir kommen nicht wieder. Schade

Löwe (1 Vor einem Jahr)

Super Laden immer wieder gerne

Martina Legler
Martina Legler (11 Monaten)

Claudia Junker
Claudia Junker (11 Monaten)

Erst einmal vielen lieben Dank für die sehr nette Beratung. Ihr seid super. Danke.

Szach Mat
Szach Mat (10 Monaten)

Super Laden. Top Auswahl. Empfehlung

Samadhi Halt
Samadhi Halt (10 Monaten)

areej bakir
areej bakir (1 Vor einem Jahr)

PLEASE DO NOT SHOP FROM THEM THEY ARE A THEIF!!!!! Item was in very poor quality! Requested a return, they’ve said ok and sorry about that, sent them the proof of return and they came back to me saying we don’t do return however their policy saying clearly its 14 days to return any items and why did you tell me to send it out then if you are not expecting any return.

Sairt06 (1 Vor einem Jahr)

I have loved everything I have bought from Maison Du Monde and am genuinely gutted it has ceased trading in the UK-a great loss as I know I will not be able to find items like this anywhere else 😔

Julia Whitehead
Julia Whitehead (1 Vor einem Jahr)

I bought what was specified as a solid acacia garden table and bench from this brand. I have kept it covered when it’s not in use, I.e. last 9 months. However when I uncovered it I realised the table was not solid but ply with a very thin (about 1 mm) veneer that was flaking off. It’s not the quality it was claimed to be. I have seen that they have withdrawn the products now so they must be conscious that there is a defect/ product is not as stated. I have tried to contact them online but only get a generic reply of being out of 30 days return period. If anyone from Maison du mode reviews this I would be grateful of a full refund before I take it to a consumer advice site. NB: I was really pleased Maison du Monde got in touch with me on the 1st June 2023 apologising and asking for photos. I sent these across immediately and I have even sent follow up emails but NO response from Maison du Monde. Update; after my last post Maison Du Monde sent an email to say they hadn’t received my emails and photos but that is not the case. i) I had previously received a confirmation email saying they had received my email with photos ii) I have resent photos and video by email and we transfer and I have confirmation we transfer was received but it has not been opened. I have a feeling the customer service contact is not real and it is all Being run by AI. Good if everything is ok but absolute shambles with no comeback if it doesn’t. The responses on Trust-pilot are just for show. Avoid at all cost.

Joseph karadah
Joseph karadah (1 Vor einem Jahr)

I have ordered a side table. It has not been a year but it started shading. I was afraid that they would not offer me a solution. I called customer Service and a Lady called Hegar answered. She was nice quick and friendly and helped me resolved my issue.

Gaetan B
Gaetan B (1 Vor einem Jahr)

+ Nice Goods + Goods available as scheduled +/- price acceptable but high - Shop employees couldn't help me to load a heavy (30kg) mirror in my Van, as they said they have to be there for the customers in the shop. There were 2 customers and 4 employees standing and chatting between themselves...

Ella (1 Vor einem Jahr)

It took FOUR MONTHS to order a wardrobe and two bedside tables, because the latter weren't in stock. But if I bought them separately the company was going to charge delivery fees twice. What a farce. Initially they said both fees would be refunded but then they changed their minds and only one could be refunded, so when the wardrobe arrived, I had to reject the delivery, return everything and order it again when the items were in stock. Finally, months later, when it came time to deliver, the wardrobe never arrived and one of the bedside tables was damaged. Apparently the wardrobe is missing. And now because the company is leaving the UK, everything has to be returned. I have spent hours and hours and hours on the phone with these people trying to sort out this order, to no avail. It's like they have never sold anything before. What an absolute joke of a company. What about compensation? Who actually runs this company and what are they doing? Could it be run any worse? Good riddance.

Jacqui Johnston
Jacqui Johnston (1 Vor einem Jahr)

I have ordered vases, ornaments and picture frames from Maison du Monde on various occasions over the last year (last order two weeks ago) and I have nothing but praise for them. The items are great quality and good prices and the delivery has always been within the date range they have advised. I would definitely and will use again. Love their products as they are different and great quality.

Nuria M
Nuria M (1 Vor einem Jahr)

El sofá vino a falta del respaldo.Pedido en abril 2023. Todavía no me lo han traído los cojines que faltan porque para llevarse el sofa(no pueden traer solo lo que falta) deben recogerlo en la caja que ya no conservo. Te marean y no solucionan. Indican que es un vendedor externo Alice Garden y sigo sin tener solucionado el problema

Dawn Sharp
Dawn Sharp (1 Vor einem Jahr)

After reading some bad reviews online I was concerned with ordering from MDM. I called their customer care team with my concerns before placing my order and they couldn’t have been more helpful. Delivery was prompt and we absolutely love our new media unit. Really happy and won’t hesitate to use them again. Thank you so much:)

Marina (1 Vor einem Jahr)

Utterly disappointed with the service level of Maisons du Monde Switzerland, with prices definitely above the quality delivered. I ordered a lamp that came with an L tool to assemble it which was too big for the screw of the lamp. The other product I ordered was a dinnerware, where the main plates were not delivered without notification. Did they think I would not notice? And of course they had no stock. Tremendously disappointing and time consuming

CaroF (1 Vor einem Jahr)

Ordered a small tea caddy on 01/04/23. Email received 6/4/23 to say it was dispatched. Arrived today, packaging in poor condition with dent and scratch to item. Tried to contact customer services online but directs me to site which will not accept my account email or password. First and last time using this company

Simon Moles
Simon Moles (1 Vor einem Jahr)

Order arrived quickly but was damaged. No problem, I thought. I contacted support and they emailed back after 4-5 days offering a refund or replacement. I replied immeditely requesting a replacement, but since then have heard absolutely nothing from them. It's been over 20 days and no reply despite multiple attempts to get in touch with them from my end. Awful customer service, considering a charge-back if I don't hear from them soon. EDIT: Have since heard back and a replacement was sent. I'm happy the situation is resolved, but still frustrated it required leaving a public review to make something happen.

Miss Francis
Miss Francis (1 Vor einem Jahr)

Ordered 3 items, only received one. The two delivery dates given only one tem showed on one of those days I waited in until 10pm, a whole day wasted. . It took four days to speak to a human. After still not being able to confirm a delivery date, I requested a refund, they agreed, but with no written confirmation and only then did the delivery company attempt to secure a delivery date. The next day I again requested a refund, they agreed in writing, but for some reason the amount they are refunding is not the same as the two items missing, the refund figure is less. The one item they did send also came damaged, but because of the style of the item, it's not obvious Never again will I use either of these service. NEVER AGAIN

Luc- (1 Vor einem Jahr)

I ordered two benches from Maisons du Monde in the UK. The website said they were dispatched within a week and actually they were delivered within a week. The experience with the delivery company, Panther, was good. It allowed me to book a delivery slot that was convenient. Unfortunately the benches weren’t the right colour (wood was darker than pictured on the website). This was disappointing but can happen with natural materials. I feared a difficult returns process with me being liable for expensive return costs, but I called up and collection via Panther was booked with no quibbles. The lady on the phone was very polite and acted quickly. Overall a good experience - I guess any item of furniture can look a little different to the website - but MdM resolved it quickly so I’m happy.

Jean Lavarenne
Jean Lavarenne (1 Vor einem Jahr)

Last week, I bought a solid oak bed from Maison du Monde. I set it up, but noticed it only had 3 wooden slats to hold the mattress. Even with my firm matress, the bed is very wobbly and simply unusable! I've had to buy additional slats at my own expense and set them up myself, which took hours.. They could've simply provided a slats linked together by strings but they chose to save a few pounds instead. I would therefore not recommend nor ever buy things from them again!

Carob (1 Vor einem Jahr)

Ordered a marble table from Maisons du Monde, delivered by Panther. The table was very well packaged however upon opening the marble was cracked all the way through. Re ordered the table and identical problem. Despite writing a comment on the delivery instructions and calling Panther directly to warn them that the table was both heavy and fragile AND prewarning the actual delivery man 30 mins before arrival, the table was cracked in 2 places all the way through. Panther accept no responsibility for this. Maisons Du Monde must be losing money hand over fist. Change your delivery company MDM!!!

Joshua Noe and Anastasia Kokar
Joshua Noe and Anastasia Kokar (1 Vor einem Jahr)

I bought a bookcase online, which I loved the look of. However, the delivery team arrived 3 separate times and failed to make delivery due to internal miscommunication, despite my being clear and specifying the necessary information in a number of various comments / emails / calls. That meant I wasted 3 days at home waiting for a delivery that didn’t happen. When the delivery was made and we unwrapped the item, it was damaged to the point that it was unreasonable for it to have been sent in the first place. I arranged a collection, but the customer service team would not allow me to get a replacement due to lack of stock, nor would they allow me to put my name on a waiting list as the company was leaving the UK. They would not even give me a discount on an alternative product or any kind of apology. The customer service has been awful and I’m left not only very disappointed in not being able to have the item I had hoped for, but also having wasted my time and having been humiliated by the lack of empathy in the customer handling procedure.

Mrs Jones
Mrs Jones (1 Vor einem Jahr)

Its a shame because their furniture looks great online but when they arrive damaged (and they do) the customer service provided afterwards is awful. The call centre is in France and so they struggle to take UK addresses. I had two damaged sideboards. I asked for exchanges. Nothing difficult, yet I had to call Maison du Monde around 15 times to get this resolved. They kept sending the courier to the wrong address, taking the address down incorrectly and they would never let me speak to a manager to escalate a complaint. The packaging is always dirty and damaged, I have a suspicion they then sell the damaged pieces to the next client hoping they won't notice. Absolute cowboys

Jo-Anne Taylor
Jo-Anne Taylor (1 Vor einem Jahr)

Two items ordered for grand daughters Christmas present. Long wait for delivery... One item received damaged (packaging box was undamaged) the other, a puzzle cube, unusable as one side of the cube just falls away when picked up or turned and one puzzle piece didn’t even fit the cut out. Replacement items will arrive well after Christmas. Poor stock checks pre packing/despatch and equally poor, unapologetic customer service. Would I use Maisons Du Monde again? Absolutely not.

Ella Starr
Ella Starr (1 Vor einem Jahr)

Absolutely terrible customer service, it's like you're talking to a bot, when it's a person - not helpful at all. The added frustration is that items are often not in stock, this is what happened to the items I needed, and the rather expensive wardrobe just went up in price, and never goes on sale. I will persevere, maybe, and hope that things go smoothly when the items are finally back in stock.

Samantha (11 Monaten)

We had an excellent experience when I bought a very large square mirror for on my stairs! Very well made, extremely heavy hard to put up but not a fault. Absolutely love this item and I was very happy with the price! This website has some wonderful home items, definitely recommend a visit.

Miguel Ángel Medina
Miguel Ángel Medina (10 Monaten)

Titulo: Maison du monde, maison de mensonges Información no veraz e incompleta en tienda. Además de inadecuada y lejos, muy lejos, de aproximarse a la realidad. Servicio postventa displicente y sin intención de búsqueda de soluciones. Vergonzosa la actuación de los empleados de la Maison du Monde de Madrid calle Serrano

Laura Berkeley
Laura Berkeley (10 Monaten)

I ordered an ornate giraffe for my dad which came broken in the box. I tried 4 times to speak to someone to get a replacement but every time we were Hald way through the conversation it got cut off! I mailed and had no response so gave up. My dad fixed the leg but then the other one broke, poor quality. Nightmare company & terrible customer service

Sara Filanti
Sara Filanti (11 Monaten)

Ordered two pieces of furniture, one was fine, the desk Selena was broken. I had to hire a handyman to fix it and screw the leg back on, because I have dealt with customer service before and I was not prepared to go through weeks of waiting and back and forth o emails to get it picked up and sent again. I would appreciate if customer service got in touch with me for some compensation.

Bente Stomph
Bente Stomph (11 Monaten)

1,5 maand geleden een retour gemeld en gewoon geen reactie meer. Er wordt gezegd dat er contact met je word opgenomen maar dit gebeurd vervolgens gewoon niet. Al een aantal keer gemaild - geen reactie. Als je belt sta je een kwartier in de wacht maar word er nooit opgenomen. Gewoon geen mogelijkheid om mijn kastje van 129€ terug te sturen terwijl ik ontzettend krap zit! Belachelijk!

Ronaldo (10 Monaten)

Good quality!!!

Customer (1 Vor einem Jahr)

I've ordered the side tables before for different rooms, they're good value, versatile. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars this time is the delivery company has changed and didn't update me. I was at work on the first delivery date, had to make a few phone calls including France. Luckily they delivered the next day.

Toni Hughes
Toni Hughes (1 Vor einem Jahr)

I wasn't sure what to expect tbh, as I'm quite wary of buying online from unknown sources. I was pleasantly surprised by Maisons du Monde UK! I bought 2 items and were kept up to date about delivery times, etc, and the items arrived on time and was very well packaged. Items were of good quality and as decribed on the website. I'll definitely purchase from them again!

Kirsty Reynolds
Kirsty Reynolds (1 Vor einem Jahr)

The mirror is incredibly elegant, it has completely transformed the look of my living room, and has received a compliment from every visitor so far! The mirror was delivered within the time frames specified and there was no damage caused to the box/product (which is incredibly rare these days). I'd happily order from Maisons du Monde again!